XBee add-on for Arduino Nano

XBee add-on for Arduino Nano
$24.95, 10/$224.60, 50/$998.00

Product Description:

Great news for Arduino Nano owners!!!

Want to update your Arduino Nano firmware OTA (over-the-air)?

This add-on module allows you to interface with XBee wireless module using the Arduino Nano. You can use it for wireless communication and wireless firmware update. You get all of the benefits of using the Arduino Nano. This includes breadboard friendliness for quick prototyping. It is fully assembled with long pin headers so you dont need to solder and purchase the headers separately. Youre ready to go out of the box! Yes, you get the same stackable benefits as the Arduino shields. Its small size of 3.7x1.1 makes it easy to hide or fit in a small project box.

The XBEE-4NANO contains all of the circuitries you need to implement wireless communication using the popular XBee module. You can also update firmware on the Arduino Nano OTA. It works with XBee Series 1 and Series 2.5, both Standard and Pro version. The serial UART pins on XBee (DIN and DOUT) connect to D1/TX and D0/RX on the Arduino Nano respectively. Weve carefully designed it so it doesnt conflict with other UART devices connected to the Arduino Nano.

The instruction to update firmware using XBee is similar to that of the Arduino FIO Wireless Programming. Well have step-by-step instruction posted here soon.


D1/TX: Arduino Nano UART TX to XBee DIN
D0/RX: Arduino Nano UART RX to XBee DOUT


Breadboard friendly, small size 3.7x1.1
On-board 3.3V 250mA regulator gives XBee Pro full Transmit power
OTA update firmware
Many status LEDs for ease of troubleshooting
4 mounting holes for standalone application
Long header pins for stackability


Mechanical Dimensions

*** Arduino Nano is NOT included ***